Business and Corporate Coaching

Florence Rita Rickards knows from personal experience as a senior executive and as a small business owner, that people are a company’s most valuable resource: when the people thrive the company thrives. When life is balanced and the people are fulfilled, energy flows and success is inevitable.

Coaching benefits the bottom line…for everyone!

Successful people the world over are turning to coaching for a variety of reasons. Coaching has rapidly become the leading profession of personal and professional development! Coaches are in demand by executives, entrepreneurs, professionals in transition, corporations…anyone who wants to excel and/or make changes in their lives and/or their organization.

  • Do you have employees near burnout?
  • Do you have a high performing executive who could use a little help with their people skills?
  • Would you like to have more self–confidence about what you are doing?
  • Do you have employees who are having difficulty balancing work and life?
  • Would you like to get clients now?

Business owners and Professionals from all levels of an organization use coaches: as confidants and sounding boards to test ideas and improve difficult situations, and to achieve their goals and objectives. In the past, coaches were called mentors, industrial psychologists, business partners and colleagues. With the emergence of coaching as a distinct profession, corporations are discovering new and cost-effective ways to benefit from the services of a professional coach.

As the corporate world becomes more fast-paced, more knowledge and information based, and more competitive, it is becoming commonplace for companies to invest in coaching for key employees. Because the future of the company rests on the success of its employees, coaching is appealing both to the employee and the employer!

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