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Every conference or event needs dynamic, professional presentations to set the tone!

Florence Rita Rickards at a speaking engagementWhether you need a 20-minute keynote or a day-long focus workshop, Florence Rita Rickards will tailor the program to meet your needs and the needs of your audience. That is her specialty. Florence has over thirty years of experience designing and presenting dynamic, interactive, fun-filled sessions on a variety of human development and business issues to audiences from all walks of life: Business, Education, Youth, Entrepreneurs, Career, Vocational, Rehabilitation, Healthcare, and many more.

Florence has presented at literally 100’s of local and international conferences, events, conventions and training programs. Her work has been featured on TV, Radio, and in a variety of Magazines and Publications including the CD “Ignite Your Passion! Realize Your Dreams!” and in the book, “Living an Extraordinary Life.” Florence customizes each presentation to meet the specific needs of the audience, ensuring that every program is filled with exactly what it needs to make the event successful: inspiration, fun, interaction and real take-home value for the participants.

Sampling of Previous Events

  • “It’s Never Too Late to Realize a Dream!”
    Beta Sigma Phi — Kelowna Chapter
  • “Ignite Your Passion! Realize Your Dreams!”
  • “You CAN Realize Your Dreams!”
  • “Breaking the Chains of Mediocrity: Being a No Limit Person!”
    Women of Excellence Conference
  • “Tis the Season to be Jolly – Laughter Workshop”
    The Bay – Downtown Vancouver
  • “A Merry Hearth Doeth Good Like a Medicine”
    Salvation Army Executive — Harrison Hot Springs
  • “Take Back Your Life: Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World!”
    Annual Tri-City Healthy Life Style Show
  • “Laughter is Serious Business: How to Increase Productivity Through Laughter”
    Human Resources Management Association
  • Florence Rita Rickards speaking at a Soiree for the Senses“Laughter…Still the Best Medicine!”
    Seniors Centre – Vancouver, BC
  • “Jest for your Health — Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World”
    Special Education Assistants Annual Recognition Event
    School District #42 – Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows
  • “In the Field of All Possibilities”
    A Soiree for the Senses
    Annual Deafblind Fundraiser
    Firefighters Hall — Burnaby, BC

What Clients Are Saying

  • “powerful, enthusiastic speaker”
  • “from the heart”
  • “fun and interactive”
  • “life-changing”
  • “a defining moment in my life”
  • “Genuine, energetic, enthusiastic, and inspiring!”

The following people attended the NETWERRC conference and provided the following testimonials for the “Finding Your Dharma — Your Passion and Purpose in Life” workshop:

Lorna Gillanders, Facilitator, Shamrock Consulting & Services Inc: Wonderful — I loved it!! Florence was energetic, positive, encouraging, uplifting. Not enough time, wish I could spend time to have individual session with her. She created questions within myself and got the “juices flowing”. We need more people like her to encourage us and remind us of our dreams.

Don Nelson, Instructor/Marketer, MOSAIC: Great workshop — lively, energetic. Too short. On a personal note — very confirming in the direction I’m going. Gave me a better idea of what coaching is all about — I’m ontrack. In the time Florence had, she brought the point across excellently!

Dianne Van Wijk, Vocational Rehabilitation Coordinator, Healthcare Benefit Trust: The presentation was dynamic, captivating, inspiring and proves yet again the power of the judicious use of humour. I believe, in the short time spent with Florence, I was on my way to “Finding My Dharma”. Florence is a powerhouse.

John Solano, Owner, Quest Empowerment Services: I was impressed by her clarity of mission and presentation focus. In just a very short time Florence was able to bond the group and address some very key issues. Florence made these points even more real with short and impactful group experiences. As a professional presenter and spiritual teacher, I admire that Florence is committed to teaching and sharing the ‘truth’ that we are all so desperately in need of. To any individual, group or business in need of inspiration and wisdom, I highly recommend Florence Rickards.

Lorna Froese, Career Resource Counsellor, RDK Career Services: Very useful workshop — are you really balanced? How happy are you? Great reality check. Florence is a wonderful, motivational, dynamic presenter — a “ball of fire”! Wish there had been more time. The wheel of life was helpful personally and for our clients.

Marion Hausner, Training Services Coordinator, Greater Coquitlam: Mannerisms are outgoing and fun. Participatory, upbeat. Very creative in incorporating games and prizes. Too short — not enough time.

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Participant feedback from the 10th Annual Single Mothers’ Conference
“Nourishment of the Heart, Mind & Body” in Surrey, B.C.

Participants were asked, “What did you like most about Florence’s presentation?” Here are some of their responses:

  • Florence Rita Rickards at a speaking engagement“Florence is a very powerful speaker!”
  • “The love and enthusiasm emanating from Florence.”
  • “Honest, compassionate and inspirational.”
  • “Her life experiences are remarkable. Passionate presentation!”
  • “I loved Florence’s presentation. It is an experience I will carry around with me and call on whenever I need it.”
  • “The audience was moved to tears, cheers and laughter as Florence shared her real life experience strength and hope. She had to hand out boxes of Kleenex.”
  • “Well organized. Excellent speaker.”
  • “Florence captivated the audience, spell bound at times, then took us to a place where we could all relate, connect and celebrate the victories too.”
  • “Her speaking from the heart. It was so emotional and moving. Topics I could relate to.”
  • “I now know it is ok to be different.”
  • “The honest sharing of her life experience. Her story.”
  • “The personal heart-based approach. Thank you Florence for sharing your struggles and insights. Very energizing.”
  • “Your story moves and empowers me.”
  • “Recognition of uniqueness, validation of it and empowering it. Hearing a success story.”
  • “Your personal story of strength and inspiration.”
  • “The energy and enthusiasm!”
  • “Emotional commitment.”
  • “Passionate presentation”; “raw, open, vulnerable, a very strong woman”; “passionate, wonderful, warm spirit”
  • “Florence lives her life on purpose. She is full of passion. She reached my heart.”
  • “Honest, caring, heartfelt. A deep desire to help others. True to self.”
  • “Florence’s enthusiasm and sharing of emotion got me in touch with my feelings.”
  • “Thank you for sharing your successes, tears, and fears with us. It was most inspirational.”
  • “The honesty, truth, life energy that came from Florence’s heart.”
  • “I enjoyed the heartfelt talk and the wonderful flow of positive, useful, information.”
  • “To have a room full of women who all have similar circumstances and to listen to Florence’s story of where she came from and where she is today.”
  • “Touched my heart and soul.”
  • Florence Rita Rickards at a speaking engagement“I now believe I can achieve my dreams and succeed. Inspiring.”
  • “Florence’s energy and the positive, safe environment she created. I loved hearing Florence’s inspirational story. It was emotional and uplifting.”
  • “I believe that Florence is one of our unsung heroes.”
  • “Passionate, wonderful warm spirit!”
  • “Thank you for sharing your successes and fears with us. It was most inspirational!”
  • “Clearly spoke about childhood abuse and journey of adulthood.”
  • “Your honesty and passion. You have given me hope.”

Find out how Florence Rita Rickards can make your next event a phenomenal success!
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